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Sigma Coatings

Technical Information

Information on our technical service, product documentation and technical sheets.

Providing support

We deliver market leading performance in-line with group standards, not just in product performance but also in speed, efficiency and product availability.  This is backed up with high levels of field technical support and coatings project partnerships.

We also assist fabricators to set up painting systems, source the correct equipment and put in place processes that will provide them with an application environment that will be most efficient for the products they are working with.

Technical Service

Sigma Coatings offer you an unsurpassed perspective on the coatings options that can help your company to optimize the technical performance and minimize expensive down time.

Sigma Protective & Marine Coatings offer extensive technical service for advice and support on-site.  A qualified Technical Representative can be assigned to a specific project, acting as your point of contact for any technical questions you may have related to the specified coating standards on that project.